King Of Feel

March 9, 2009

the surreal life..with a dash of class. (but not too much)

apprentice1so lets have a little confession corner here shall we? good.

who’s been watching the celebrity apprentice 2?

you too?!


well ever since i moved to san fran, i’ve been pretty much separatedfrom the outside world becuase i haven’t been watching tv much.  but earlier, i actually got a chance to catch the show.  i was instantly feelin it. the show is genius.  i was never too big of a reality tv fan, but this show had me at hello!

as you can see, i wasn’t joking about being separated from the world.  its already on season 2 and i’m just tapping in to this gold mine.

for those who haven’t watched yet, its the same premise as the old apprentice shows; bunch of know-it-alls, in their own rights, are put together, split into teams, and given various business-driven challenges to compete in.  the winning team is safe and of-course a member from the loosing team is up for elimination, and at the end of each episode one not-so-lucky person is fired.  only difference is; on the celebrity version the prize money is given to the celebrities’ favorite charities. hippie ain’t it?

this season has a fun filled cast of hasbee—ahem— celebrities that we might not have seen in a while, or just didn’t know existed for that matter.  the cast consists of stars like andrew dice clay (fired!), brian mcknight, playmate brande roderickt-boz of tlc (!!), tom green, joan rivers, and of-course everyone’s favorite scott hamilton.  you guys remember him right? the figure skating champion? no? EXACTLY! how does being a figure skater = celebrity? ahh..well.

So on the most recent episode, the teams are given the task of creating a comic book character for here are my top 3 momments from the no particular order:

  1. when brainstorming possible heroes, dennis rodman’s first suggestion is a super transvestite who’s super power would be to change from a man in heels, to a pretty man in heels.  a little too close to home ain’t it rod?
  2. the awkward conversation between tom green and the ceo of the look on his face while tom was speaking to him was priceless
  3. watching joan rivers struggling to blink throughout the episode because of her overtly effective face lift.

i can’t wait till next week’s show! watch the full episode’s here

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