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March 9, 2009

the surreal life..with a dash of class. (but not too much)

apprentice1so lets have a little confession corner here shall we? good.

who’s been watching the celebrity apprentice 2?

you too?!


well ever since i moved to san fran, i’ve been pretty much separatedfrom the outside world becuase i haven’t been watching tv much.  but earlier, i actually got a chance to catch the show.  i was instantly feelin it. the show is genius.  i was never too big of a reality tv fan, but this show had me at hello!

as you can see, i wasn’t joking about being separated from the world.  its already on season 2 and i’m just tapping in to this gold mine.

for those who haven’t watched yet, its the same premise as the old apprentice shows; bunch of know-it-alls, in their own rights, are put together, split into teams, and given various business-driven challenges to compete in.  the winning team is safe and of-course a member from the loosing team is up for elimination, and at the end of each episode one not-so-lucky person is fired.  only difference is; on the celebrity version the prize money is given to the celebrities’ favorite charities. hippie ain’t it?

this season has a fun filled cast of hasbee—ahem— celebrities that we might not have seen in a while, or just didn’t know existed for that matter.  the cast consists of stars like andrew dice clay (fired!), brian mcknight, playmate brande roderickt-boz of tlc (!!), tom green, joan rivers, and of-course everyone’s favorite scott hamilton.  you guys remember him right? the figure skating champion? no? EXACTLY! how does being a figure skater = celebrity? ahh..well.

So on the most recent episode, the teams are given the task of creating a comic book character for here are my top 3 momments from the no particular order:

  1. when brainstorming possible heroes, dennis rodman’s first suggestion is a super transvestite who’s super power would be to change from a man in heels, to a pretty man in heels.  a little too close to home ain’t it rod?
  2. the awkward conversation between tom green and the ceo of the look on his face while tom was speaking to him was priceless
  3. watching joan rivers struggling to blink throughout the episode because of her overtly effective face lift.

i can’t wait till next week’s show! watch the full episode’s here

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March 5, 2009

britney is back

britneysbacki’ve held my breathe long enough.  i didn’t want to jinx anything. but now, i’m convinced.  ms. britney spears is back to claim her throne as the princess queen of pop.

britney kicked off her circus tour this week in her hometown of new orleans, la.  more than 16,000 fans came to witness one of the most talked about comebacks of entertainment history.  the fans were not disappointed. they have spoken and deemed spears’ performance a complete success. the show is said to be filled with elaborate sets and numerous costume changes. and best of all…britney is dancing again! she even engaged in some impressive acrobatics during  the show.

some critics hoped for a little more “britney” in the show. it’ll come. im sure of it. come on guys…its her first tour in 5 years. its just gonna get better in time. here at the king.of.feel camp, we have faith in the britney.  critics also scrutinized the fact that britneys vocal performance was dominated by a
vocal track. aka she lip-synched. this i understand. it would be amazing if she could pull off and amazing visual performance while still singing live. but its not a perfect world. we all expect this from a britney show. lip-synching. we all wish it could be live, but its not..get over it. atleast she re-records the tracks before the show and lip-synchs to those so its not exactly like listening to the cd.

i have always and will always be feelin britney. (unless she goes and roughs up rihanna…damn. haha had to do it. fyi..chris brown= so not cool). anyways, i love britney and i wish her the best. you folks should definitely check out this circus.

check out some videos of rehearsals and from the show. you feelin it? let me know

first britney…and now michael?


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March 4, 2009

The Hamiltonization Process

charles-hamiltonso, i was watching tv last night and i happened to catch some of “the last call with carson daly”.  the guest was an up and coming rapper by the name of charles hamilton.  after i watched his live performance of his song “loser” i was hooked.

this guy is nothing less than amazing.  his lyrics are wicked. finally a rapper who can actually…rap.

the hamiltonization process has been a 4-month process of introducing the 21-yr old rapper to the world.  he released a total of 8 mixtapes for free on his website (that’s right, free! go get em) from september to december of 08.  the process has helped him bring some shadows from his past to the forefront, like drug abuse and being homeless on the streets of new york.  the young artist is determined make a place for himself in a hip-hop world polluted with the likes of flo-ridas, soulja boys, and other studio-project rappers.

not only is he talented on the mic, but charles has a real appreciation for music. his influences include: eminem, n*e*r*d, jay-z, modest mouse, korn, dr. dre, the isley brothers, nine inch nails, and incubus  (to name a few)

but long story short.

i am definitely feeling senor charles hamilton. are you ready to be hamiltonized?

check out the interview from the carson daly show and the live rendition of “loser” just as i witnessed it

March 2, 2009

allow me to introduce myself…


so who am i?

you can call me THE king of feel.  that’s right, the one and only.

i’ve always wanted to jump into the world of blogging, but didn’t know how to start.  with some inspiration from my friend, i decided that there’s no better way to start than just sitting down and writing.

so that’s what i did. and here i am.  due to the spontaneity of this blog, i have not really settled on a particular focus of the content.  let’s just say that it’ll be a sort of potpourri of music, current events, fashion, and anything else that i damn well please write about. this will be a ride for all of us (cliche alert coming soon..), so lets buckle up and ride together shall we?

what i feel you are at liberty to know about THE king of feel:

  • i’m a college student
  • i’m currently living in san francisco (for not too long, hopefully)
  • i’m in my 20’s
  • dogs rock
  • cats do not
  • i hate flip-flops..with a passion
  • cheap = ugly

when i think of more, you’ll be the first to know.

you know who i’m feelin’?

MGMT!!!! (Em-Gee-Em-Tee)

The band is made up of two cats from brooklyn, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden.  They’ve been all up in and around the UK and Australia, and I can’t believe the US is sleeping on these guys.  They’re awesome.  Fun little fact: MGMT is currently serving the President of France. Turns out, mr. pres ,  Nicolas Sarkozy  (doesn’t sounds very french to me), used MGMT’s song “kids” on numerous occasions without permission. MGMT isn’t too happy about this.

check out my favorite song from the boys from brooklyn “electric feel”. i have had many moments walking down the street listening to this, totally feelin it.  walking to the beat and mouthing the words like none other.  there was probably some air guitar involved as well when i was really feelin it.


<photo cred: Craig Hurst Photography>

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